Drilling Wells

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Drilling Wells

Rural Communities of Solwezi and Lufwanyama lack adequate, clean water. They however, use their initiatives to acquire it from either surface water sources (rivers, dams etc) or ground water sources. Surface water, is fetched by the use of buckets while ground water sources include shallow holes from which water is also drawn by using buckets tied to ropes.

Unfortunately, human activities (both domestic and industrial) have polluted a lot of the natural water sources. Many are even drying up due to deforestation (for firewood, farming and building) and poor land husbandry. Consequently, the use of surface water has greatly reduced, unless treated.

High levels of poverty however make water treatment difficult. Hand-dug wells have major problems with respect to quality and periodic drying up. Faith Orphanage Foundation has therefore taken the initiative of sinking bore-holes with the help from friends in Canada. In 2016 eight more centers benefitted from boreholes through this partnership. The availability of the boreholes in the respective centers has excited the communities, especially the implementers who at first thought this would not be realized.

Centres that have so far benefitted are; Tunku, Kapimbe and Mukutuma in Lufwanyama district, Kangwena, Chamakubi and Kasamba in Solwezi district.

Immediate Benefits:

  • The community members now have a good source of safe clean drinking water.
  • They no longer have to cover long distances to the streams and rivers to fetch water
  • Water borne diseases like diarhoea, bilharzia and even cholera will be ‘contained’
  • Centre backyard gardens for vegetables will be cultivated.

Long Term Benefits:

  • The centres will be able to plant citrus fruit trees that will contribute to the centre’s income when fruits begin to yield
  • There will be sufficient shade for centre meetings which will be provided by the trees even during the dry season.

“On behalf of the entire communities of FOF family, we say thank you very much. May Amighty God bless everyone involved in sourcing the funds for the borehole project. Blessings.”

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