The Innovation Platforms for Technology Adoption (IPTA) is among many programmes being implemented by FOF, it seeks to promote livestock rearing in villages or communities.

The communities of Lufwanyama and Solwezi districts of North-Western Province, are depleted of livestock, leading to high deficiencies of meat products which contributes to malnutrition.

As a remedial measure, FOF conducts in-house meetings where various important elements of maximising livestock rarering is discussed. This programme promotes the rearing of free range chickens, goats, and sheep.

Such gatherings or meetings discuss;

  • Types of livestock to keep in villages i.e. sheep, free range chickens and goats
  • Common diseases and how to over-come them
  • How to make feed
  • How to construct kraals or chicken houses in the free range chickens, sheep and goats all deserve good housing or indeed clean environment because:
  • *livestock health is enhanced,
  • *livestock multiply faster
  • *livestock is free from diseases.

At such meetings Common diseases and how to over-come, therefore;

Implementers usually are put in 3 groups of eight and each group is allocated 10 minutes to present the findings and counter the findings. In agreement all groups almost have similar findings as:

  • either chickens, sheep or goats suffer sleeping sickness.
  • diarhoea

To strengthen this programme Faith Orphanage Foundation between 2015 and 2016 season introduced a SEED PACK PROGRAMME.

FOF is concerned with food security; the situation has been compounded by high food prices and erratic rains caused by el-nino (the cycle of warm ocean water that develops in the central and east-central equatorial pacific) in recent years. The community demand for food and natural resources has contributed to the challenges in communities of Solwezi and Lufwanyama districts.

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